Exam Preparation


You’ve invested time and money in your dental assistant training course, and now it’s time to take your exam to become a Certified Dental Assistant.  Even great students need help to pass exams, as typical question formats for professional exams tend to be challenging.

Certified Dental Assistant Exam Preparation Guides are an excellent way to study and greatly enhance your chances of passing the exam on the first attempt.  The absolute best way to pass an exam is to become familiar with typical questions that have been asked in the past, through sample tests.  Questions will be changed from year to year, or even exam to exam, but the format and topics will remain very similar.

Professional exams often ask obscure questions.  Even though you’ve read all of your course materials and understand most or all of the concepts taught, the questions will really test your knowledge and application of that knowledge.  Occasionally more than one answer may appear to be correct, but having prepared specifically for the exam with practice questions, you should be able to choose the expected correct answer.  Exam material may not always be the information you will use on a daily basis, but you have to pass the test in order to get certified!

We’ve compiled a list of the best exam preparation books and study guides below.