Dental Assistant Training Requirements and Programs Oklahoma

State specific dental assistant training requirements and programs for Oklahoma, including links to important governing body websites and course providers.  Find dental assistant schools in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma has three types of Dental Assistants

  1. Dental Assistant
  2. Expanded Duty Dental Assistant
  3. Oklahoma Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Assistant

Dental Assistant

All dental assistants MUST obtain a Dental Assistant Permit from the Board of Dentistry within 30 days of employment.  This includes any dental assistant who does not possess an expanded duty permit from the Board of Dentistry.  Dental assistants who only have a radiation expanded duty permit also need to fill out the dental assistant application.  Currently there is no minimum requirement to obtain a dental assistant permit, but new changes may be enacted in 2014.

The supervising / employing dentist must provide sufficient in-office training to the assistant to make the assistant aware of all requirements and responsibilities of each duty to be performed.

Expanded Duty Dental Assistant

Oklahoma recognizes the following expanded duty courses for those who have successfully completed training as approved by the Board of Dentistry (all courses must be Board approved):

  1. Radiation Safety – course of study in radiation safety and protection must consist of a minimum of seven hours, and the applicant’s current employing dentist must submit written verification to the Board of Dentistry attesting to applicant’s competent clinical experience
  2. Coronal Polishing/Topical Fluoride – course of study must include a clinical component, and consist of a minimum of 14 hours
  3. Sealants** – course of study must consist of a minimum of 12 hours
  4. Assisting in the Administration of Nitrous Oxide – course of study must consist of a minimum of 12 hours

**The Sealant permit may only be considered for those dental assistants in possession of a coronal polishing permit. Permits are renewed annually at a cost of $50.00.


If you would like to obtain a permit in any of the expanded duties based on training received outside of Oklahoma, you must submit a letter (signed and dated with a legible address) requesting the specific permit desired. Include the following documentation with your letter:

  •  Complete course outline
  •  Pretests (if available) with performance level of 70% or more
  •  Evaluation Instruments
  •  Schedules (Didactic and clinical time should be separated and clear)
  •  Course objectives
  •  Documentation from Department Head or Chair of recognized training program verifying completion
  •  Specific clinical experience (letter from employing dentist)
  •  Proof of current CPR (for Assisting in the Administration of Nitrous Oxide only)
  •  Current registration from the state where the training was complete

Oklahoma Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Assistant

A new law was passed in 2013 creating an oral maxillofacial surgery assistant in Oklahoma, but the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry has not yet defined requirements or scope of practice for oral maxillofacial surgery assistants.

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