22 Nov

Dental Assistant Jobs and the Online Job Search

Resume concept

When it’s time to look for a new dental assisting job or position, the internet has the largest source of information and job listings in one place, and if you’re like most people today, the first place you turn to find information is the internet. (You’re here, after all.)

In your search for your new dental assistant job, every other graduate of a dental assistant program in need of a job will also be looking online, so how do you stand out? New tools at Career Builder and Indeed allow you to submit your saved resume with a click of the mouse, allowing you to effortlessly apply to dozens of jobs in a matter of minutes. This saves you the time of meticulously reading through each job description to see how close of a match the job would be for your skills. After all, you’re probably not going to hear back from many of these employers, so you might as well apply to as many as you can, and see who responds, right? Well, that kind of thinking is the reason employers are being inundated with job applications from less than qualified applicants. Would you want to spend hours of your time examining the resumes of people who couldn’t even take the time to read the job requirements?

Enter the scannable resume. Did you know that most large companies use software to automatically scan and sort through resumes? With the number of job applicants, and the time it would take to physically open, read, and analyze each resume and cover letter, it’s understandable that a smaller office without a human resources department might need some help going through all the applications they receive. It’s very time consuming, and trying to find reliable help in between patients can be a challenge. The goal for job seekers is not only to stand out to prospective employers, but also to fit the criteria that these scannable resume software programs are searching for. You may or many not encounter this problem if you’re sending resumes directly to independent dental offices, but if you apply to work in a hospital, government run healthcare facility, or even a healthcare staffing agency, you will likely need a ‘scannable’ resume.

Format your resume in a way that’s pleasing to the eye, but also easily readable by a computer. That means keep it simple, straightforward, and clean. If you’ve ever uploaded a resume and then had one of the online job search sites convert it to text for you, you know what I mean. Your bullet points and spacing will be all over the place, and if you had anything in a separate column, it will be stuck somewhere in the middle. Even templates that you can find on google docs are guilty of causing this issue, and trust me, it will make your life more difficult, not easier. Other things to leave out include background graphics, script fonts, borders, or boxed sections. If you’re going to use a fancy resume, save it for printed versions that you hand out to prospective employers. Your perfect electronic resume will look quite boring, but it will be effective.

This will also be useful if the job posting asks for a resume to be emailed, but request that it be pasted in the body of the email because they don’t want to open attachments. A scannable resume will also be readily available to copy and paste into an email, with no additional formatting or adjusting necessary.

Dental assistant jobs are certainly out there, you just have to be one step ahead of the competition to stand out in today’s dental assistant job search!