Dental Assistant Training Requirements and Programs Kentucky

State specific dental assistant training requirements and programs for Kentucky, including links to important governing body websites and course providers.  Find dental assistant schools in Kentucky here.

The Kentucky Board of Dentistry does not license dental assistants.  Dental assistants are considered auxiliary staff and are considered “registered” when an assistant’s employing dentist lists his or her name on the Online License Renewal.  The Kentucky Dental Practice Act does not require graduation from any particular training course to become a Dental Assistant; many licensed dentists instead offer on-the-job training.

The employing licensed dentist is responsible for evaluating the competency of employed assistants, and in addition, must keep on file a certificate from a Board Approved Course if the assistant performs tasks in any one of the following starred* areas:

  •  Coronal Polishing*
  •  Radiography*
  •  Delegated Duties
  •  IV Placement*

Radiography – The Course for Radiography shall be comprised of (6) hours of instruction on dental radiation safety.  In addition, the dental assistant must also complete (4) hours of radiography technique training, either through a course approved by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry, or through instruction provided by the employing dentist in the office in which the dentist practices.  If training takes place at the dentist’s office, it must be documented on the Dental Auxiliary Radiography Technique Training Form.

Does Kentucky allow dental assistants that perform tasks in these areas to receive training out of state? Yes, upon course approval.  If you are dental assistant trained in a state other than Kentucky, you must have your training evaluated to determine whether it meets or exceeds the requirements in Kentucky.  If you want to perform coronal polishing, radiography, or IV Placement, you must submit documentation to the Board office which clearly shows:
1. successful completion of the training;
2. a course description with a breakdown showing how many hours were spent teaching each topic,
your name, current home address, phone number, and your email address.

The Board office will mail a letter that may be presented to your employer that confirms your training meets or exceeds Kentucky requirements, which your employer will keep on file.

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