Dental Assistant Training Requirements and Programs Louisiana

State specific dental assistant training requirements and programs for Louisiana, including links to important governing body websites and course providers. Find dental assistant schools in Louisiana here.

Louisiana has two levels of Dental Assisting:

1. Dental Assistant (Unlicensed)

2. Expanded Duty Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant (Unlicensed)

The Louisiana State Board of Dentistry does not regulate dental assistants.  A dental assistant may perform duties authorized by the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry under the direct on-premises supervision, direction, and responsibility of his or her employing dentist.  These specific duties may be found through the link at the bottom of the page.

A dental assistant must complete a course in x-ray function and safety approved by the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry within six months after employment by a licensed dentist and shall perform dental x-ray functions solely under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist who is on the premises of the dental office at the time.  The dentist employer shall certify to the board that this requirement has been met.

Expanded Duty Dental Assistant

An Expanded Duty Dental Assistant Certificate is required for the following procedures:

(These duties must also be performed under the direct, on-premises supervision of the dentist)

a. apply cavity liners, excluding capping of exposed pulpal tissue;

b. place, wedge or remove matrices for restoration by the dentist;

c. place and remove periodontal dressings;

d. place and remove retraction cords.

*A dental assistant who has been employed by a licensed, practicing dentist and has worked as a dental assistant prior to July 30, 1992, may continue performing the following duties without registering as an expanded duty dental assistant.

Before becoming registered to perform expanded duty dental assistant functions, dental assistants should be tested on the reasons for doing these procedures, the criteria for correct performance of these procedures, and the effects of improper performance of these procedures. The dental assistant shall be familiar with the state Dental Practice Act and the rules and regulations governing dental auxiliaries. This testing shall be included within at least 30 hours of instruction.

To apply for your EDDA Certification, you will need to send a completed application, along with:

(1) check or money order payable to the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry in the amount of $100.00

(2) copy of your EDDA course completion certificate;

(3) copy of proof of completion of approved radiology course; and

(4) copy of current CPR certification card.  (CPR course must be American Red Cross Professional Rescue Course or American Heart Association Healthcare Provider or ASHI BLS Pro. ONLINE courses are not accepted.)


What is the fee to receive EDDA certification confirmation?  $100.

Does Louisiana offer reciprocity for licensed dental assistants in other states?   No, even if you are licensed in another state, you will still need to complete the requirements for Louisiana if you plan on performing expanded duties.

Does Louisiana recognize training courses from other states for purposes of receiving an expanded duty dental assistant (EDDA) certificate confirmation from the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry?   No. The board only recognizes the EDDA course as taught at the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry and the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

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