Dental Assistant Training Requirements and Programs West Virginia

State specific dental assistant training requirements and programs for West Virginia, including links to important governing body websites and course providers.  Find dental assistant schools in West Virginia.

West Virginia has two levels of dental assistants

  1. Dental Assistant (Unlicensed)
  2. Dental Assistant Qualified in Expanded Duties

Dental Assistant (Unlicensed)

To become a dental assistant in West Virginia, there is no formal training or education requirement.  A dental assistant may work under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist and perform basic supportive tasks.  A dental assistant may also take x-rays in West Virginia without any certification or formal instruction.  The employing dentist is responsible for determining the competency of the assistant, and may not delegate any tasks in which he or she is unsure of the assistant’s competency level.

Dental Assistant Qualified in Expanded Duties

To perform expanded duties as listed in the Dental Practice Act in West Virginia, dental assistants must meet guidelines and apply for a permit.  They must complete a course and an exam in each of the expanded duties.  The course must be approved by the West Virginia Board of Dental Examiners.  They must also complete clinical experience under a supervising dentist, and the supervising dentist must attest to the assistant’s competency.

Current CPR certification is required to visually monitor nitrous oxide analgesia units, along with an application to the West Virginia Board of Dental Examiners.  Certification must be obtained through the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.

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